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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Our son, Gameboy, just turned 12 years old on Saturday. He has grown up so fast and is an amazing kid.

He is empathetic and kind and smart. If I'm having a busy day, he'll come up and ask me if I've had anything to eat and could he get something for me.

He is so helpful around the house.

He is affectionate and great with babies.

He loves hanging out with his friends and his dad and I.

He is a social guy and can be tossed into a crowd of kids he's never met and he'll figure it out and find a friend. He is not intimidated easily.

He has a memory like you wouldn't believe and learns like it's going out of style. He has a wealth of knowledge, on so many different topics, swimming around in his head.

He is always (and I mean always) cracking a joke (making up his own half the time), telling you about some episode of whatever (in great detail, remembering everything everyone said in the entire episode - and in order), playing a video game (and telling you about it the whole time), poring over books (he loves history, comics, and factual books, especially Ripley's believe it or not).  

His lego setup has been a permanent addition to our home for the last 5 years - there's no such thing as "cleaning up the lego".

He can often be found in the kitchen making a ton of waffles, cornbread, pancakes, or baked oatmeal.

He is a very imaginative artist and his artwork is more like a video game on paper and there's a lot going on.

He's a food guy and if he likes what you made him, you are gonna really, really be appreciated and he'll go on and on and on about how AMAZING it is and how he hasn't had food like that in a LONG TIME! The downside? That he's gonna let you know if he doesn't like it, but he tries to be polite about it - quite funny. Ex. "This isn't my favorite, mom, but it's ok, I guess, but I wouldn't pick it, but it's not the worst thing I've ever eaten.....Thanks for trying to make us a nice I have to eat all of it?" lol

Gameboy likes quality time and one on one, whether it be boardgames, going out to eat, going to the city to browse the toy section or the video game section at Walmart, reading a book together, etc.

He loves God and truly lives his life in a way that is pleasing to God.

He is emotionally healthy and balanced and can handle some tough stuff in this area with grace.

I feel so blessed to know this kid and I am honored to be his mom. I couldn't ask for a more creative, imaginative, artistic, kind, and interesting kid! Thank you, God, for my Gameboy.

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