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Friday, February 10, 2012


My entire life has been played out in "todays". As I get older, I am realizing more and more that today is all I have. If it's going to happen, it's going to be today.

Some things I've been putting off for "when I have time".......

1. Making a chore schedule for my kids
2. Teaching my kids how to run the house
3. Logan's adoption papers
4. Organizing my basement
5. Playing the piano again
6. Still dreaming of that cello.........
7. Writing a book
8. Reading the stack of books on my nightstand
9. Exercising regularly for better health and some weight loss
10. Feeding my family healthier foods
11. Drinking water

I have successfully started on #10 a couple weeks ago and am happy to report that my kids have consumed more fruits and veggies in the last 2 weeks than they have in the last 2 months (probably).

My sis and I were talking yesterday about doing the things we put off. For her, it's piano. She's wanted to learn to play again for years. So yesterday, she ordered the books she needs, started practicing, and BOUGHT A PIANO!! lol I was so impressed!

Our whole lives are made up of todays and so while we can't do everything on our to-do list in one day, and some dreams should be left behind, we can do something every day toward each or most or some of our goals and dreams.

So my plan for when I finish writing this blog post is to go get myself a big glass of water and pull out Logan's adoption papers and look over them, writing a list of steps towards completing them. It's a little silly that I've been married to Matthew for almost 6 years now and Logan still has my maiden name attached to his. That needs to change and so it shall :)

Why put off what you can do right now? Tomorrow is just a big myth that the whole planet has foolishly bought into. I have never seen a tomorrow in my life and I'm 30! Every single day I have lived has been a today. So today I am going to make changes, make progress, and bask in the rewards!

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