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Friday, February 10, 2012


We all have 24 hours each day to use in whatever way we choose. That's 1440 minutes. Every day. Time management is one of those things that can slip thru the cracks in the chaos of everyday life. I personally am not very good at it. I can sit at my computer and, before I know it, 120 of those minutes are gone. My kids are often competing for my attention - competing with the computer, the phone, my bed, the housework.........When it's put down on paper, it seems easy to prioritize, but in the moment, it's not.

My children are priceless treasures waiting to be guided........

If I'm not available to them, they will follow someone or something else. I am starting to see my kids do or say things and I'm like, "what? Where'd that come from...." just to realize later that they saw it on a commercial - I'm not totally bashing tv watching (I don't really like it, but allow it) but if my kids are watching tv, I should be available for discussion of what they are seeing and hearing and how that is or is not God-glorifying.

A lot of beautiful moments are forever lost because of a mom who is too busy. We are all super busy, I know, but sometimes we aren't really too busy, we just don't feel like it....

This scenario plays out a lot at my house:

Child: "Mom, can you read me a story?"

Mom: "Not right now, maybe later."

Child: "Can we have a picnic today?"

Mom: "Uh.....I'm too tired today, maybe tomorrow."

Child: "Can you show me how to make a cake?"

Mom: "I have too much to do today, sorry."

And so the kids make their own fun - they fight, they get into stuff, they do anything and everything they can think of to get mom's attention. This just exasperates mom and the yelling begins. Mom thinks she has bad kids and is overwhelmed........this brings more time on the computer or the phone........Mom really needs a break. Things continue to escalate.......All hell breaks loose and Mom retreats to her room wondering how it ever got this bad............

It got this bad cuz Mom didn't feel like reading a story. Sounds harsh, but it's true. Kids THRIVE on spending time with their parents. A story doesn't take long, just a couple minutes, and we have 1440 of those at our disposal.

Yesterday I made the decision (again) to be a more present and involved parent. I sat down for the first time in ages to watch a show in the DAYTIME! (never happens) and sure enough, within about 15 minutes my little girl came up to me and said very sweetly, "Mama, I tryin a make a cake for you but I don't know what ingredients to nooze....can you teach me?" I looked at my show and looked at that sweet girl's face and decided that yes, we would make a cake right then. It was chocolate and Logan even pitched in and we made memories. Sweet memories. They learned. They spent time together and with me. We had so much fun.  It was much more rewarding than that show would have been.

So next time you don't feel like it, just try. You'll be surprised how much happier your kids will be, how peaceful your home will get, and how blessed you'll be from something as simple as a story.

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