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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Woman's Face

So we've all got faces and we use 'em for many things. Mainly they help us to portray to others how we are feeling. Facial expressions can help or hinder us in our attempts to communicate, though.  Here's an example from my life that I've run into countless times..........

I was really busy, running one of my fundraising things (there was a lot going on), when someone said to me, "Hey, it's ok to smile!" I was a little stunned. I had no idea that my face was communicating misery! I was having a fantastic time, but I forgot to consciously make my face reveal that.

Sounds dumb, I know, but I've gotten this one a lot in my life. Friends often asking, "what's wrong??" when life couldn't be better!

When I was younger, early 20s, people often thought I was mad or upset because of the tone of voice I used. That was just how I had always talked. That's just the way I was. I wasn't upset, I was just me. But I had to make a decision to change that about myself because I want to be a better person. I don't want to stay in the muck just cuz that's where I've been for a long time. That doesn't make any sense.......unless you like muck, I guess.

So I will keep this one short and sweet, but I want you women to do a couple of things this week....

1. Go in front of a mirror and make all of your typical facial expressions at yourself and see what they really look like. Then pick out the ones you'd like to drop and make an effort not to let those expressions cross your face.

2. Pay close attention to the tone of voice you are using when you are talking to your family members. Who you are at home is who you really are. When you combine the harsh tone of voice with the bad facial expression - that can be pretty uninviting. 

 Who would wanna kiss THAT face??

 Proverbs 15:1
A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

3. Be positive. There is sooo much negativity all around us and it isn't doing anyone any good! Some people like to call it "realism" but we already know that the world is a bad place sometimes, so why focus and dwell on that?? Being positive enables you to have peace in tough or unpleasant situations and it helps the people around you, too. So choose a positive thought, choose a positive word, choose a positive action. No one wants to be around a complainer - so don't be one.

The End.

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