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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

From Bed to Gate and Our Latest Craft!

Hey, so I had these leftover parts from a taken apart IKEA twin bed that have been sitting in my basement for......well, a long time. And I NEEDED another baby gate cuz Daisy LOVES to run down the hall and go in the bathroom after someone leaves the door open and splash in the toilet. YUCK! We've kept this bucket of blocks in the hallway to keep her out....

but it's annoying to move or jump over (especially for Jasna) and Daisy is so strong that she is starting to be able to move it just enough to squeeze thru!

So I took a headboard and a footboard like this one (only red)

and flipped one of them upside down and attached them to each other. (To keep Daisy from crawling underneath) and this is how it looks in our hallway....

I may paint it at some point, but I'll haven't decided.

The other project for the day was inspired by this......

given to me by my good friend, Amber, from her trip to Africa. I thought it was so cool so I decided to help Jasna make one to hang on her door. So out came the old sheet

and some cut off dowels from my last project (that I didn't blog about - a spring horse that needed new dowels to be functional. It sat on my deck for years, waiting patiently for it's turn to get fixed and now it is - see!)


spring horse with new dowels (and so faded from sitting in the sun for years)

I sawed one of the dowels by hand cuz it was the wrong size and I couldn't find my extension cord for my table saw, and then I grooved each dowel on each end with........yeah, my serrated kitchen steak knife - I'm just a "use-what's-on-hand" kind of girl ;)

I ripped my sheet into a long rectangle and folded over the edges and then ironed the edges down.

Then I let Jasna have-at-it with the paint - she loved the green

Then when it dried, I glued the sides down and glued the twine between the cloth on each end. Then tied the twine into the grooves on the dowels, and glued a piece of twine for the handle. Outside it went to dry again.

And this is the finished product........

pretty cool eh? Favorite craft to date :)


  1. awesome blog rachel! I need a baby gate for a door that is about twice the width of a standard door but don't want to spend the money for a long one. Any suggestions?

  2. That craft is awesome! The baby gate is perfect, free, functional, and kind of has a rustic old barnhouse look. I don't know if you should paint it because I like the rustic look of it.