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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dollar Store Clothes Line & Our Family Name Scrabble Board

Hey! 2 more projects that I did recently........

I REALLY wanted to hang our clothes on the line (my favorite summer activity) and we don't have a clothes line, so I looked around to see what I could use and found this.........

(Actually the one I used was yellow but that one just rolled off the deck and I didn't feel like going to get it for the picture)
Fabulous eh? Got this for free, but it was from a dollar store originally. So I wrapped it around this a few times and stretched it across my deck... 

and wrapped it around another one over here......

(you'll notice that there's rope in the pic, too, but that didn't come until after - explanation to follow)
And it works great! See?

There are 4 lines to use

So Matthew came home and I very excitedly showed him my creation and he promptly went out to the garage and found me some rope that he wasn't using - nice guy :) and so I actually only got to use the ribbon version once, so I cannot guarantee how long it would've lasted. But I LOVE my rope clothes line! (we're thinking of getting a real one soon, but this is working great, so we'll see)

Project #2: Family Name Scrabble Board.

I stole this idea from Matthew's parents, who have one hanging in the entry at their home.

Things you will need for this project:
  • Scrabble game
  • A family (preferrably one with people that have first names)
  • White school glue or any kind of glue really
  • 15 minutes of your time
And you figure out how you want your names configured on the board and glue them on. Then I glued our last name onto the thingy (don't know what it's called) and glued that on. Ta da!

Like it? (That's a question - me likes comments)   :)


  1. Yep.... I like it. Love scrabble anyway..... and the family too I suppose. Since the letters are on wooden pieces its kind of a family tree.
    allen g

  2. Such a cool idea! And you can always add other names later if you needed to.