My 3 yr old daughter took this pic of me

Monday, March 4, 2013

"Little Flower" a poem of love from a mother's heart

Tiny, fragile, lying there
grasping at her long black hair
Eyes are closed and eyebrows raise
beautiful, her little face

Little hands are all outstretched
nothing on her face is etched
Long brown fingers, big brown eyes
everything is a surprise

Cooing, laughing, looking 'round
this little treasure that we've found
Exploring, crawling, cuddled tight
angel tucked in for the night

Peace and love are all you know
as you grow and grow and grow
Time flies by and now you're one
can't believe you're so much fun

Brother holds you in his lap
where you fall asleep to nap
Sister loves to play with you
every day with you is new

Daddy holds you way up high
you are laughing in the sky
Mommy sings your favorite song
holds you close all day long

Pretty soon you start to walk
I can't believe how much you talk
You laugh and run and sing and dance
get into mischief every chance

Your second birthday has gone by
we love you right up to the sky
You are our joy and our delight
each morning all the way til night

I try but can't describe this child
she's intricate, unique, and wild
A flower, soft, a loving heart,
intrigued, affectionate, and smart

I'll never leave or let you go
how great our love, I hope you know
I've never met a girl like you
each day you fill our hearts anew

My greatest fear, I face today
they'll take my little girl away
I'd surely stop them if I could
I hope my baby knows I would

She won't know where her mommy went
why to grandma's she was sent
Did we really love her so
will our baby ever know?

She'll try to find her mom and dad
the brother, sister that she had
She'll cry not knowing where we are
or why we had her sent so far

 Our precious girl, alone and sad
crying for the ones she had
Please come back, come back for me
I'll be good, mom, you will see

Once this case is closed and filed
"they" will have traumatized a child
who should've been happy, attached, and free
instead of suffering emotionally

Will they know your favorite things,
the lullabies your mommy sings?
Your blanket, drink, and special cup, 
what you like when you get up?

My tears flow freely as I write
sitting here so late at night
Wishing I could stop this pain
fighting, but I fear in vain

I pray to God in Heav'n on high
I beg Him, "no!" and ask Him, "why?"
and yet I know He knows my pain
I know our loss is not in vain

His plan, I trust but cannot see
I'd stop it all if it was me
I want to keep my little daughter
I beg my God, my Living Water

So I beg, please hold her near
Lord, please let her know no fear
Hold her tight and dry her tears
give her joy for many years

Help her, please, to understand
if I could I'd hold her hand,
Hold her close and hear her voice,
but letting go is not my choice

If from her this cup can pass
I plead, my God, that's all I ask
Let us keep her, let her stay
don't let them take my girl away.


  1. That was beautiful! I can only imagine. Keep looking up!! Krissy

  2. That was beautiful, brought years tho my eyes and prayers to the lord.