My 3 yr old daughter took this pic of me

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Schoolroom Reveal aka My Office - Part 2

     So I decided to use my "office" (as seen here) as our new schoolroom.The office was atrocious. Please click the aforementioned link and take a look. I could've had a much larger school room in our basement but I knew that I would never feel like doing school down there as we get amazing natural light on our main floor. So I thought that instead, I would use a tiny room and see what I could do with it. Hopefully it's an inspiration to people who don't have a lot of space to work with in their homes. I also made a closet into a workspace for my older son for when he needs somewhere to work away from the girls and those pics are here. You may be wondering where I have moved my office and I will show you that in another post soon :)

 I decided to add some color and this red is also in my entrance and in my bedroom. I only did the one wall and I LOVE birch trees. This mural took maybe 5-6 hours and was WAY easier than I thought it'd be.

The baskets are awesome and I got em at Jysk for $3.99 ea but they don't have anymore :( I also got the white footbath tubs at Walmart for $2 something each. The green canvas bins were $5.99 each and also from Jysk.

These "rugs" are actually bathmats also from Jysk and they were $4.99 ea

The Artwork display

Logan's workstation and the secret mailbox - we will open it each day when the flag is up and see what special activity or book we are doing that day. (Sometimes it'll be a treat)

I use these for crayon, marker, etc storage

I often buy Classico pasta sauce and then wash and de-label the jars and use them to store things like clothespins, magnets, chalk, etc.

I love this one room schoolhouse picture :)

This is a darkroom timer that my mom had when she was young and we always used it as a timer when I was homeschooled so I thought it would be great to keep it going in my classroom :)

I found this pic online and added the chalkboard and cross on the front of the building and our school name and class times. 

And I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it!

I am going school shopping this weekend for most of our curriculum and some extras (I'll just have to find a way to fit it all in there!)


  1. I love it! The way that you've organized it so well to maximize your space is inspiring and I love all the ways you found to use things you already had on hand. The mural is awesome and I especially love the little touches like the heart of you and your hubby and the scripture.

  2. Wow, Rachel!! AWESOME!! I LOVE the mural! Where in the heck did you find 5-6 hours to do it, with 5 kids?! Love the framed pics, too!

    1. It's called my family babysitting for the day :) lol

  3. I Love your ideas - the mail box, the jars (I have a cabinet full, now I'll add a few more uses to them) and baskets. I'm slightly ocd on baskets. I generally buy them at garage sales or on deep discount. Looks like you're off to a great year - and I almost forgot - I LOVE the growth charts with the verses!