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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yucky Dresser to Rustic Entry Table

I bought this dresser about 10 years ago for $5. 

I call it the "gack" dresser because I painted a gack from a Dr. Seuss book on the side when Logan was a baby. 

The dresser is well made, but the drawers always stuck, so I hated using it. The only reason I've kept it for so long is because of the gack I had painted on it. So for the last year and a half it has sat outside my back door, slowly weathering away. 

I decided a couple weeks ago, to tear it apart and make something out of it AND save my gack painting. I ended up replacing all the pieces except for the top and the front (where the drawers used to slide in) which I made into the back of my new entry table. It was a learning experience but I love the end result! Here are some pics of the transition:

A piece of old horse tack 

view from the back

Now the question is: Do I sell this beauty? Or do I keep her? Hmmm.......thoughts?


  1. Wow rach! U are a crafty woman! U should keep ur beautiful new old table!

  2. What a GREAT idea! Looks so cute!