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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Family Rock Magnets

I wanted to do an easy, fun craft with the kids that would not end up being thrown out. I wanted it to cost nothing (use stuff on hand) and not be too difficult for Jasna, who is only 4, but fun enough for Logan, who is 10. This is what I came up with! (inspired by a blog I follow: and varied a bit)

Kids got some rocks from the driveway - small and smooth.

They washed them in warm, soapy water. 

Got out the paints and brushes and paper plates and napkins (cuz I don't have paper towel) and cups of water.

Put a napkin or papertowel on the plate and wet it a little - this will keep your paints from drying up too soon. 

Let 'em at it! Let them use their imaginations! 
(Like her "blue" shirt? lol she took her shirt off so she wouldn't get it messed up with paint) 

Mixing colors.....

It turned into finger painting....

And then hand painting......

And then ARM painting LOL!

Wash up your kids. 

I encouraged Jasna to put her fingerprints on her rocks, since they were just solid colors. And Logan painted a design on each of his.

Then we painted on a clear coat of Varathane. 
Next, glue them each onto a magnet. I used school glue and it worked just fine. 
Top row: Logan's
Bottom row: Jasna's
These ones weren't dry yet, so they hadn't made it onto the fridge.
Left: Logan's
Right: Jasna's

I decided to do one for each of the children we have had in our home. 
This is before I put the clear coat on......
and after the clearcoat.......

Put 'em on the fridge!

I LOVE these :)

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