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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lovin' Yer Hottie :)

My birthday. Valentine's Day. Our Anniversary. Mother's Day. The anniversary of when we started hanging out. The anniversary of when we started going out. The anniversary of when we bought the rings. The anniversary of the marriage proposal. Christmas.

These are all "special occasions" where it would be so nice for my guy to do something extra special for me.

I love it when he buys me roses or other flowers. I love it when he surprises me with wine and chocolate. Or a note. Or a poem. Or a date. He picks out the "perfect" gift and can't wait to see me open it. We want our guys to say sweet nothings to us and adore us and spend "quality" time with us. We want them to listen to how our day went and to our dreams and desires. We expect a lot. Most of us do, anyway.

But what are we doing for him? Are we doing special things for him on all of these occasions? Or are we just anticipating what he's gonna do for us?

Guys don't want flowers.......well, not usually ;) But they want you to hang out with them in the garage or watching the hockey game or listen (for the eighteen-hundredth time) to them go on and on about their passions, which definitely aren't our passions. (Make their passions your passions, too.) They want a hug and a wink and......well, you know. They want a wife who doesn't always have a headache ;) (To loosely paraphrase Sheila Wray Gregoire) They want a hot wife! Not a frumpy, grumpy, boring wife. Not a wife who complains at them the second they get in the door, or is too engrossed in whatever she's doing to say hello and give him a big kiss when he comes home.

Not all guys are the same, (contrary to popular opinion) but they each have their own unique desires. Besides s x , I mean. (I did a great job camouflaging that, didn't I lol) I challenge you to try to figure out what it is that is gonna make your guy know you love him and that you took the extra time to make his day.

Here's what mine likes:
1. Clean laundry - ALL THE TIME. He wants to go in the closet and find what he wants to wear, clean and not wrinkled.
2. A clean house when he gets home from work. He works hard all day. It's hurtful to him if he comes home and the house is a disaster. This is his place of peace that he looks forward to coming home to. Nobody wants to come home to a disaster, day after day.
3. Good food. Enough said, eh?
4. Late night snacks (often involving some kind of cooking)
5. Going to bed at the same time as him.
6. Watching tv with him.
7. Putting effort into my appearance. How do I know this? Cuz he SAYS something every time I do.

This list is not exhaustive, by any means, but you get the idea. Guys like dumb things. If I came home and he had cleaned the house for me, that'd be nice. BUT I'd much rather flowers and chocolate and wine. Who cares if the dishes are done???!! Not me. But he does. This isn't about doing stuff that YOU think is special or thoughtful, but what HE thinks is.

-Surprise him with a massage, without asking for one back. No puppy dog eyes, either ;) lol
-When he's in the shower, heat up his towel for him for when he gets out.
-Make his favorite meals......often.
-Write him a note, telling him what you like about him and that you appreciate him, and leave it in his lunch or on his pillow.
-Wear something......ahem.......interesting and fun to bed instead of your big old lady nighty :)
-BRUSH YER TEETH! and more than just when yer goin' out! (I'm guilty of this sometimes) *head hanging in shame*
-Make him a coffee or hot chocolate or whatever he likes every morning. or night. or whatever.
-Tell him you think he's a hottie and how much you love him. Cuz he is, right? And you do.
-Tell your girlfriends how amazing he is. When and if it gets back to him, he's gonna feel good knowing you talk GOOD about him!


See how many times in the day you can say something positive instead of negative. Too many of us become complainers and nags without even realizing it. It just becomes a way of life and a way of communicating. I mean, look at small talk with a stranger......complaining about the weather, right? Say GOOD things ALL THE TIME and your environment will be sunnier :)

Oh! And I gotta quote my friend, Tyler, (who was quoting Kevin Leman)
If you don't have a love affair with your husband, someone else will. ~ Kevin Leman (7 Things He'll Never Tell You, But You Need to Know)
That affair might not be with another woman, but with his job or his hobby or his friends. You get my drift.

That's all I got right now.

I'd love to hear some of the ways you make your man feel special! (G-rated, please lol)
Gotta run, goin' to watch some tv with my hottie :)

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  1. I used to think that all sorts of housework made my man happy. So I'd break by back trying to keep the house immaculate. Finally, one day, I asked him what the three most important things are for him (things that I do). He told me: a good supper (and I quote, "I hate McDonald's"), to hear that I've had a good day with the kids every now and then, and for me to hang out with him watching TV instead of tidying the house in the evening. So now, if I'm busy and need to let something go, I try to make sure it's not dinner!

    You know, that was a few years ago. I think I'll ask him again this weekend to be sure I'm still on the right track. :)