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Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Office - Part 1

My "office" is a mess. Always. All the other rooms in my house on my main floor are pretty organized and clean - for the most part - and that is thanks to my good friend, Office. Here's a picture of him......

 Going in...


 What IS all this stuff??? Craft supplies, tools, junk that needs to be organized......

 Storage for tools and sewing.....LOL
 What was I thinking?

 Oh yeah, and the washer and dryer that aren't hooked up.

 The floor......I think??

Pretty ain't he? He's really accommodating and goes out of his way to help me out. All the time. He hangs on to all kinds of stuff for me while I get other, more important things done. There's a LOT going on in there. It is the craft/storage/ironing/sewing/tool/filing room as well as housing a future stackable & space saving laundry area. I know, a little too much for an approximately 10'x10' room. Poor guy :(

Let me introduce you to my other friend, Desk. You saw him already, but in case you missed it......

This is where I am supposed to get all my crafting done. Obviously that isn't happening, so I have to haul out all my stuff to the dining room table and we eat 3 meals a day here, so that can't be for very long. Problem.

 I should insert here that I TOTALLY reorganize this room about once a month. It ends up looking great for about 2 days and then it's back to this again. I need to find a REAL solution. Fast.

My intention is to fix this problem TODAY. I don't know what I am going to do exactly, but telling you about it is the first step. Telling you means I have to do something about it - I think. K. Going to do that now. Be back later with after pics........any after pics would be awesome in comparison to this!

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